1st Concertmaster (Coord.)

Coordinated. Special wage agreement

Required audition pieces:

  • one Mozart-concerto and
  • one grand violin concerto of your own choice

Audition: Mon, 5 November 2018

associate Principal Viola 50% (temp. position)

50% temporary position, due to parental leave. October 2018 - June 2019

Required audition pieces:

  • Stamitz concerto or Hoffmeister concerto
  • Bartok concerto
  • Orchestral excerpts:
    R. Strauss ›Don Quixote‹
    Weber ›Der Freischütz‹

Audition: Di, 25. September 2018

1st Solo violoncello (coord.)

Coordinated. Special wage agreement

Required audition pieces:

  • Haydn: D-major concerto
  • one romantic cello concerto of your own choice
  • Strauss: ›Don Quixote‹

Audition: Di, 18. September 2018

Contrabass (tutti)

Required audition pieces:

  • E-major concerto by Dittersdorf or the concerto by Vanhal and
  • another grand concerto (original score)

Audition: Wed, 17 October 2018

1st Solo Horn (coordinated)

Special wage agreement. Obligation to Bach horn and Wagner tuba

Required audition pieces:

  • Strauss: Horn-Concerto No. 1 and
  • Mozart: Horn-concerto No. 4

Audition: Wed, 26. September 2018


Remuneration after the company-based tariff agreement of the Deutsche Symphonie-Orchester Berlin on the basis of TVK A, final stage plus amenities.


Please send your application papers

by email to Marion Herrscher

or send it through the post:

Deutsches Symphonie-Orchester Berlin

Orchesterbüro im rbb-Fernsehzentrum
Masurenallee 16-20
14057 Berlin, Deutschland

Tel +49 30. 20 29 87 530
Fax +49 30. 20 29 87 539

(Please note: Do not send original documents, clear folders etc.
Reshipment of application papers will only be effected on demand.)