From Philharmonic Hall to the Circus

When in 2003 Berlin’s Tempodrom accidentally allocated New Year’s Eve to both the DSO and the Circus Roncalli, probably no one would have predicted a success story. But what was born of necessity became a musical New Year’s Eve sensation. For more than 15 years now what at first glance does not belong together has been meeting in high spirits at the turn of the year, with the loveliest of consequences: the orchestra shifts from the Philharmonie to the circus arena. The sound of a symphonic orchestra and breath-taking acrobatic artistry mutually inspire each other. The funniest melancholics and the most brilliant sorcerers of sound create a boundless magical world under the big top – in which beauty and elegance, excitement and breathless astonishment are seamlessly interwoven.

Foto: Guido Berkholz
New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day with Fabien Gabel

The DSO and the Circus Roncalli will be holding two New Year’s Eve concerts once again on 31 December 2020. Due to the great demand, this year there will once again be a third concert: at 6 pm on 1 January.

The conductor this time around will be Fabien Gabel, Music Director of the Quebec Symphony Orchestra. The soloist is French soprano Julie Fuchs.