Cabaret Concerts in the Schlosspark Theater in Berlin Steglitz

Sharp tongues encounter beautiful sounds – the DSO has been offering a successful format for two years with ›Die Kunst der UnFuge‹ (this is a play on words – literally »The art of nonsense« – alluding to Bach’s ›The Art of Fugue‹), with which, on four Mondays, adventuresome chamber music ensembles sally forth on funny, subtle and off-the wall balancing acts jointly with stars of the German cabaret scene. For the Schlosspark Theater in Steglitz, host Dieter Hallervorden and DSO Director Thomas Schmidt-Ott have once again put together a programme that will stimulate laughs and critical spirit at the same time, nonchalantly breaking down the borders between serious music and entertainment.

Four Cabaret Artists, four Ensembles

Gayle Tufts. Photo: Robert_Recker

Gayle Tufts, »Germany’s best-known American«, will kick things off. As usual, she’ll observe not only her life in Germany, but also her old home with a sharp eye, a great deal of humour and sensitivity, and she will superbly entertain the audience with her »Dinglisch«, her very own stage mixture of German and English. Together with the Ensemble Hexagone, which stirs French esprit into the mix, she will bring the hall down on 14 October.

From the ›Stachelschweine‹ to ›Anstalt‹ – Frank Lüdecke is familiar with cabaret in all its manifestations. He trawls through chaotic lived landscapes and observes the race
between artificial intelligence and natural stupidity. On 27 February, he will have an exciting ensemble at his side: the Berliner Zieharmoniker around Jakob Encke and Marija Mücke (violin), Viktor Bátki (viola), Claudia Benker-Schreiber (cello) and Miloš Todorovski (accordion, bandoneon, composition).

Horst Evers recounts stories, experiences and observations in which he – lovingly, with wit and a pinch of wisdom – transfigures everyday life and the increasingly unsettling present into comedy. On 19 May he will set off on a humorous journey of discovery with The Glorious Four, consisting of Olga Polonsky and Lauriane Vernhes (violin), Francesca Zappa (viola) and Claudia Benker-Schreiber (cello).

Saving with the Cabaret Package

The cabaret concerts are available in a four-pack at a favourable package price:

Individual tickets 180 €
Package price 160 €
Saving 20 €
Individual tickets 140 €
Package price 124 €
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Individual tickets 116 €
Package price 104 €
Saving 12 €
Individual tickets 92 €
Package price 84 €
Saving 8 €
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Foyer des schlosspark theaters
Foyer of the Schlosspark Theater. Photo: DERDEHMELUrbschat

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