Cabaret Concerts in the Schlosspark Theater in Berlin Steglitz

A successful experiment that begs to be continued: With the ‘Kunst der UnFuge’ (this is a play on words – literally ‘The art of nonsense’ – alluding to Bach’s ‘The Art of Fugue’) programme, the DSO has a new successful format on offer since last season. And so in the 2023-24 season, on four Mondays, adventurous chamber music ensembles of the orchestra will once again walk a funny, subtle, and offbeat tightrope together with stars of the German cabaret scene. In the Steglitz Schlosspark Theatre, host Dieter Hallervor-den and orchestra director Thomas Schmidt-Ott have put together a programme that stimulates both the laughing muscle and the critical mind in equal measure and noncha-lantly tears down the boundaries between serious music and entertainment.

Four Cabaret Artists, four Ensembles

Dieter Hallervorden. Photo: Hannes Caspar

The kick-off will be on 23 October with host Dieter Hallervorden, who can now look back on more than 60 years as a comedian, award-winning actor, singer, and cabaret veteran. He has been director of his Schlosspark Theatre since 2009 where he fre-quently performs major roles on stage himself. He has remained true to the political-satirical cabaret since his beginnings as the founder of the ‘Die Wühlmäuse’ (‘The voles’) cabaret and ensemble and will once again prove this in his collaboration with the DSO-Schlosspark-Quintet. 

Anka Zink is considered an expert on (inter)human crises and catastrophes and, true to the motto “Someone’s got to it”, takes naughty, life-size points of view. On stage, the Rhenish cabaret artist practices laughter yoga for the brain, during which many synap-ses cross paths that would otherwise never have met. On 18 December, ‘The Glorious Five’ will fearlessly stand by her side.

With a keen eye, a lot of humour, and sensitivity, Gayle Tufts observes not only her life as an American in Germany, but also her old homeland. The entertainer and singer has made "Denglisch", her very own stage mixture of German and English, her trademark. Together with the cello-piano duo Radutiu-Rundberg, she will make the hall go wild on 12 February.

Piet Klocke is touring the country’s stages as a verbal scatter brain and master of tangled half-sentences. With the ‘6Basses’, the comedian, author, musician, and film composer has a backing band at his side on 15 April that is as profound as it is quirky. 

In addition, the cabaret concert with Torsten Sträter and the ’DSO Randgruppe’ ensemble, which had to be cancelled last season due to illness, will be made up on 29 January. The tickets remain valid.

Saving with the Cabaret Package

The cabaret concerts are available in a four-pack at a favourable package price:

Individual tickets 180 €
Package price 160 €
Saving 20 €
Individual tickets 140 €
Package price 124 €
Saving 16 €
Individual tickets 116 €
Package price 104 €
Saving 12 €
Individual tickets 92 €
Package price 84 €
Saving 8 €
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Individual tickets 180 € 140 € 116 € 92 €
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Foyer des schlosspark theaters
Foyer of the Schlosspark Theater. Photo: DERDEHMELUrbschat

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