›Notturno‹ – Chamber music at sites of art and knowledge

The ‘Notturno’ chamber concert series, which the DSO holds in co-operation with the Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation, has since 2010 become a real audience favourite and will now start in its 14th season.

Even in its eleventh season, the concept remains unchanged: three times per season, ‘Notturno’ welcomes musical night owls at Berlin sites of art and knowledge. First, starting at 9 p.m., the collections can be explored under the competent guidance of museum directors or curators; at 10 p.m. approx. one-hour concerts of “night musics” for the most varied of musical ensembles take place. In a dialogue held between music, rooms and exhibits, the ‘Notturni’ open up completely new facets of art reception and bring music where – at such a late hour – only stillness and dim light usually envelop fine examples of human cultural expression.

Video: ›Notturno‹ at the Neues Museum

At 9 pm there’s a possibility to take part in exclusive tours in small groups through the specific building, having the collections explained by curators or museum directors.

The ›Notturno‹ concerts of the 2023/2024 season will be taking place at the James Simon Gallery, at the Museum for Photography, and at the Pergamon Panorama.

In cooperation with

Stiftung preußischer kulturbesitz

2023/2024 Notturno