10 years ›Notturno‹ – Music at sites of art and knowledge

The ‘Notturno’ chamber concert series, which the DSO holds in co-operation with the Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation, has since 2010 become a real audience favourite and can now celebrate its 10-year anniversary.

Even in its tenth season, the concept remains unchanged: three times per season, ‘Notturno’ welcomes musical night owls at Berlin sites of art and knowledge. First, starting at 9 p.m., the collections can be explored under the competent guidance of museum directors or curators; at 10 p.m. approx. one-hour concerts of “night musics” for the most varied of musical ensembles take place. In a dialogue held between music, rooms and exhibits, the ‘Notturni’ open up completely new facets of art reception and bring music where – at such a late hour – only stillness and dim light usually envelop fine examples of human cultural expression.

Video: ›Notturno‹ at the Neues Museum

At 9 pm there’s a possibility to take part in exclusive tours in small groups through the specific building, having the collections explained by curators or museum directors.

The ‘Notturno’ concerts of the 2019-20 season will be taking place at the James-Simon-Galerie, at Pergamonmuseum. Das Panorama and at the and at the Berliner Schloss' Humboldt Forum.

The anniversary concert on 11 September will take place with prominent involvement on the grand staircase of the New Museum: Music Director Robin Ticciati will conduct works for chamber orchestra, violinist Christian Tetzlaff will take on the solo part in Dvořák's highly romantic Romance for Violin and Orchestra. The actor Mark Waschke will read from Beethoven’s ‘Heiligenstadt Testament’.

Another special concert 'Notturno Extra' will take in the scope of the anniversary programme ‘100 jahre bauhaus’at the Musical Instrument Museum's Curt-Sachs-Saal – with two prominent works of the classical modern era: Stravinsky’s ‘L’histoire du soldat’ and Schönberg’s ‘Pierrot lunaire’. A DSO instrumental ensemble will be supported by two speakers: soprano Sarah Aristidou and actor Dominique Horwitz.

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