Music at sites of art and knowledge

The ‘Notturno’ chamber concert series, which the DSO holds in co-operation with the Prussian Cultural Heritage Foundation, has since 2010 become a real audience favourite. Three times per season, always on Friday evening at 10 pm, it attracts musical night owls to sites of art and knowledge, making music communicate with spaces, paintings and sculptures in the late hours, and in this way opening up completely new aspects of art reception.

Video: ›Notturno‹ at the Neues Museum

At 9 pm there’s a possibility to take part in exclusive tours in small groups through the specific building, having the collections explained by curators or museum directors.

The ‘Notturno’ concerts of the 2017-18 season will be taking place at the Neues Museum's famouns staircase, at the newly opened Wilhelm-von-Humboldt-Saal at the Berlin State Library (Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin, Unter den Linden) and at the Scharf-Gerstenberg Collection.

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Stiftung preußischer kulturbesitz

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