Photo: Vera Tammen

Sabine Rückert, editor of the ZEIT VERBRECHEN magazine and ZEIT’s editor for special tasks, was a crime reporter for many years and is an expert in crime and the combating of crime. She attended major criminal trials, wrote prize-winning courtroom reports and pursued incredible criminal cases. On ‘ZEIT Verbrechen’ she regularly talks with her colleague Andreas Sentker, managing editor of ZEIT and publisher of the ZEIT WISSEN magazine, about real, exciting and absurd criminal cases, and in so doing examines criminology, criminal law and justice. With more than 4 million valid downloads per month, it’s one of the most successful »True Crime Podcasts« in the German-speaking world. 

The ›Music and Crime‹ series, which the DSO launched jointly with DIE ZEIT publishing group in the past season, was also an immediate hit with the public; the concerts were sold out in no time. In the 2024/2025 season, Rückert und Sentker will once again present turbulent crime stories live on the stage of the Great Broadcast Hall in the Haus des Rundfunks; they will be supported by mystery-loving chamber music ensembles of the DSO.

Concerts ›Music and Crime‹