Photo: Vera Tammen

Sabine Rückert, deputy editor-in-chief and long-time crime reporter at the DIE ZEIT weekly newspaper, is an expert on crime and how to fight it. She sat in major criminal trials, wrote award-winning court reports, and investigated unimaginable criminal cases. With her colleague Andreas Sentker, head of the department for science and education of DIE ZEIT, she talks about real, exciting, and absurd criminal cases every fortnight in the ‘ZEIT Verbrechen’ podcast, taking a close look at criminology, criminal law, and the judiciary. 

In the new ‘Music and Crime’ concert series, which the DSO initiated together with the DIE ZEIT publishing group, Rückert and Sentker now bring turbulent criminal stories of music live to the stage in the Haus des Rundfunks broadcasting centre and tell of forgers, murderers, and headless composers, supported by chmaber music ensembles of the DSO.

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