›Klassik’s Not Dead‹

The results of the current collaboration with ensembles consisting of students from Beethoven-Gymnasium, Canisius-Kolleg, Droste-Hülshoff-Gymnasium, Heinz-Berggruen-Gymnasium and Katholische Schule Salvator will be presented → on 14 January 2024 at Heimathafen Neukölln.

Unfortunately, all seats are already taken and registration is no longer possible.

Music education with a long-term effect

The DSO's music education work has many facets, and the orchestra members are fully committed to it. They visit school classes, present their instruments at children's concerts, rehearse with amateurs before the 'Symphonic Mob' – and they supervise chamber music ensembles of all ages at Berlin schools, including the Arndt-Gymnasium Dahlem, the Heinz-Berggruen-Gymnasium, the Canisius-Kolleg, the Droste-Hülshoff-Schule and the Katholische Schule Salvator. They offer professional guidance in rehearsing music, technical assistance in playing, and they facilitate an intensive exchange about and through music – with the goal of getting young people excited about this wonderful form of communication and encouraging them to explore it independently.

»With normal school resources, chamber music lessons are rarely possible,« says oboist Martin Kögel, who launched the project in 2015 with fellow violinist Eva-Christina Schönweiß. »This is where we step in, bringing time and expertise. This is not education with an ›event‹ character, but continuous work that is firmly integrated into school life – usually once a week.« Whether it's a clarinet trio, string quartet or wind quintet – the instrumentation is as diverse as the people involved. It's not just the students who like it: »We have an incredible amount of fun with our work,« says Eva-Christina Schönweiß, explaining the lively participation of her orchestra colleagues. More than a dozen of them are now involved in the project; usually, they accompany their ensembles for several years. The results of the collaboration are presented to the public once a year in a chamber concert.

Review 2020

In 2020, DSO's chamber music project took place under very special circumstances due to the Corona. pandemic. Instead of a big final concert, various smaller performances and concerts took place in the participating schools and open air, and there were also several workshops with Robin Ticciati. At the last workshop, all participating students met with DSO's music director at the Ferenc Fricsay Hall to rehearse Antonín Dvořák's Eighth Symphony together.

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Video: Chamber music project 2020

Digital Dvořák

At the end of each school year, all ensembles of DSO's chamber music project usually present their results at a big final concert. Due to the Corona pandemic, the concert in 2020 unfortunately had to be cancelled.

Therefore, the originally planned string serenade by Dvořák will now be performed in digital form. Have fun listening and watching!

Project Concerts

Chamber Music Project with Berlin Schools 2021/22