Chamber Music with DSO Musicians at Zitadelle Spandau

Chamber music has been an integral part of the DSO's programme for four decades. Its members, who are otherwise part of the large orchestra, can set their own accents here, explore unfamiliar terrain and try out new concert formats. After its successful premiere last season, the 'Forte Kultur' series will be continued in the 2022 / 2023 season. It invites chamber music encounters with DSO members at the Zitadelle Spandau, is conceived by the ensembles themselves and organised by the Kulturamt Spandau. In five concerts, they combine music with other performative forms of expression, explore historical contexts and creatively play the spaces of the massive Renaissance fortress. 

The 2022-23 concerts

Sun 20.11.2022, 5 pm

Sounding faces
Concert and Pantomime at the Citadel’s Proviantmagazin
Admission: 25 € / reduced: 20 €
Before the concert at 4.15 pm: Guided tour through the exhibition ›Unveiled – Berlin and its monuments‹

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Foto: Gerald Kühn / Susann Ziegler

Four bassoons and a pantomime actress perform music from five centuries around the statues of the provision magazine of the Spandau Citadel. During a joint tour through the exhibition halls, original compositions and arrangements by composers such as Gabrieli, Händel, Debussy and Fučik are to be heard. The tension between history turned to stone, the expressive body language of Katja Grahl and the varied sounds of the DSO musicians promises an impressive evening in a special atmosphere.

Karoline Zurl Bassoon
Douglas Bull Bassoon
Hendrik Schütt Bassoon
Markus Kneisel Bassoon and Contrabassoon
Katja Grahl Pantomime


So 8.1.2023, 17 Uhr

Aus dem Schatten
Concert and Lecture at the Citadel’s Zeughaus
Admission: 25 € / reduced: 20 €
Before the concert at 4.15 pm: Introduction to the exhibition 'Out. Out? Out!' with Dr Urte Evert

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Foto: Susann Ziegler

As one of the oldest musical instruments, the harp has inspired many composers in the 20th century to find new forms of expression. In the process, it emancipated itself from its role as a pure chord player and instrument for the "certain moments" and began to discover its potential, for example by imitating instruments from the Far East or taking on the role of keyboard instruments and percussion. The ensemble impressively demonstrates this development with compositions by Isang Yun, Hans Gál, Tōru Takemitsu, Henry Cowell and Nino Rota.

Alongside this, museum director Urte Evert provides an illustrated insight into the significance of music as a source of strength and a stopping point in desperate life situations, which the biographies of the selected composers also tell of.

Annemarie Moorcroft Viola
Mischa Meyer Violoncello
Thomas Hecker Oboe
Gergely Bodoky Flute
Marion Ravot Harp


So 5.2.2023, 17 Uhr

Die Nacht und das Meer
Concert and Projection at the Citadel’s Gothic Hall 
Admission: 25 € / reduced: 20 €

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Foto: Susann Ziegler

This otherworldly concert invites you to dive into a mysterious deep sea of sounds. Beginning with intimate night thoughts, it moves through morning light, French myths and watercolours before arriving in the deep, blue sea at the timeless songs of whales. Accompanied by a video installation by the Swedish media artist Lillevan, the concert also ends visually in the crashing waves of the timeless sea with the composition 'Vox Balaenae' by the imaginative American composer George Crumb.

Upama Muckensturm
Leslie Riva Ruppert Violoncello
SooJin Anjou Piano
Lillevan Video

So 12.3.2023, 17 Uhr

Sera Italiana
Concert and Lecture at the Citadel’s Italian Courtyards
Admission: 25 € / reduced: 20 €

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Foto: Susann Ziegler / Valerie Voithofer

The terminally ill Mimì experiences the happiness of a great love in the midst of poverty and illness. The lady Violetta, on the other hand, perishes from her great love and Pimpinella must find her way back to great love through charlatanism. Four violinists of the DSO, led by concertmaster Wei Lu, present highlights of the Italian opera and film music repertoire in the Italian Courts. They bring the subjects of great love close to the audience: passion, jealousy, greed, revenge and even death.

Accompanying this, actress Chris Pichler lends a narrative voice to the instrumental programme by reciting key scenes from the texts on which the works are based. You can hear arrangements from Verdi's 'La Traviata', Stravinsky's 'Pulcinella', Puccini's 'La Bohème' and Nino Rota's 'The Godfather', which violinist Nari Hong has made for the instrumentation. An evening of epic themes in an intimate setting.

Wei Lu Violin
Nari Hong Violin
Ksenija Zečević Violin
Johannes Watzel Violin
Chris Pichler Actress

So 16.4.2023, 17 Uhr

Auditive Figurationen
Concert and Performance at the Citadel’s ZAK – Zentrum für Aktuelle Kunst 
Admission: 25 € / reduced: 20 €
Before the concert at 4.15 pm: Guided tour of the exhibition 'A beautiful thought, so soft and pointed' with Dr Ralf F. Hartmann

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Foto: Susann Ziegler / k.A.

The musicians of the trio explore the range of musical language in works by Bach, Webern and Mark Andre. Both the arrangement of the 'Goldberg Variations' and the two string trios that accompany it are charged with multi-layered interpretations that create empty spaces, which in turn offer room for interpretation. In addition, the Swedish-Finnish poet and performer Cia Rinne enters into a dialogue with the music. She searches for, mirrors and reflects the sounds with rhythmic sound and language motifs - music thus becomes language and language becomes music.

The venue for the concert is the exhibition entitled 'Ein schöner Gedanke, so weich und spitz' by Berlin-based artist Margareta Hesse. For her presentation, the painter, light artist and sculptor focuses on objects, sculptures and expansive installations made of wood and textile materials. Her "tubes", large-format wooden tubes placed in the room, are reminiscent of percussion instruments and begin an unexpected dialogue with the music.

Clemens Linder Violin
Eve Wickert Viola
Leslie Riva-Ruppert Violoncello
Cia Rinne Recitation