Chamber Music with DSO Musicians at Zitadelle Spandau

Chamber music has been an integral part of DSO's programme for four decades. Its members, who are otherwise part of the large orchestra, can set their own accents here, explore unfamiliar terrain and try out new concert formats. In the 2021-22 season, the musicians will expand the programme to include the 'Forte Kultur' series, which invites chamber music encounters at the Zitadelle Spandau, is conceived by the ensembles themselves and organised by the Kulturamt Spandau. In six concerts, they combine music with other performative forms of expression, explore historical contexts and creatively play the spaces of the huge Renaissance fortress.

Upcoming Concerts

Fr 29.10.2021 / 7 pm

›The Trombones of Jericho‹
Guided tour, concert, film and performance in the Archaeological Window and Gothic Hall


Trombone Ensemble of DSO
Tomer Maschkowski Trombone
Oren Lazovski Dancer

Photo: Ruthe Zuntz

In the Archaeological Window of the Citadel, the trombone ensemble made up of DSO members plays music by Mendelssohn Bartholdy and Bruckner as well as traditional folk tunes in a Jewish context in the first part of the concert. In this special room with its unique collection of medieval Jewish gravestones, museum director Dr. Urte Evert will give an introduction to Spandau's Jewish life, which can be traced back to the 13th century.

In the Gothic Hall, trombonist Tomer Maschkowski and dancer Oren Lazovski will present the performance 'No Mad' in the second part of the event: both move around in the room parallel to the film of the same name and thus enter into a special symbiosis with the moving film images. In No-Mad, two men are on a journey in time and space that confronts them with the past and present, but above all with themselves and each other. In the film, a game of pursuit, chase and confrontation unfolds, as one might do with one's own shadow. Through situations in the film and meandering freely "on stage", the questions are raised as to who is actually the traveller and who is his shadow, and where real world and inner monologue blur. The characters are inspired by Nietzsche's 'The Wayfarer and his Shadow' in that the shadow of a wayfarer turns towards him and begins to talk to him. The instrument speaks and replaces the spoken word, the film allows the performance to expand the location of the action.

Please note: Seating is only available in the second part of the event.

Wed 1.12.2021 / 7 pm

›Siegesallee and Beyond‹
A dance journey through the history of Berlin. Concert and performance at Proviantmagazin


Photo: Stadtgeschichtliches Museum Spandau

History is also reflected by its monuments, for they bear witness to a particular time, to shape, effect and artistic forms of expression. In this excursion, these stone witnesses are contrasted by expressive interludes of the American dancer Anna Rose. Beyond superficial poses and constructed dance figures, she seeks lifelike interaction with the sculptures to reflect their effects. She is accompanied by members of the Deutsches Symphonie-Orchester Berlin, with music by Britten, Beethoven, Schulhoff and others. Starting with Queen Luise, the only lady in the collection, passing numerous fragmentary male figures, through the installation 'Summer Day in the Tiergarten', past Breker's Decathlete, the journey continues, accompanied by music, through the entire exhibition of controversial figures. The journey ends at Lenin's head with a chamber music concert.

Before the concert at 6.15 pm: Guided tour of the museum with museum director Dr. Urte


A discussion concert with a mixed quintet and Habakuk Traber looks at the Baroque and its consequences in music history on 15 January in the Gothic Hall. On 20 February, thunder, lightning and light arrangements create entirely new worlds of sound between drums, percussion and marimba in front of the cannons of the Exerzierhalle. In March, a quartet programme invites you to musical contemplations of images in the Centre for Contemporary Art. A promenade concert with brass and electronic music, which explores the unknown corners of the old fortress also in the open air, closes the first season of the new series in May. Exciting and insightful concert experiences are to be expected.