Chamber Music with DSO Musicians at Zitadelle Spandau

Chamber music has been an integral part of DSO's programme for four decades. Its members, who are otherwise part of the large orchestra, can set their own accents here, explore unfamiliar terrain and try out new concert formats. In the 2021-22 season, the musicians will expand the programme to include the 'Forte Kultur' series, which invites chamber music encounters at the Zitadelle Spandau, is conceived by the ensembles themselves and organised by the Kulturamt Spandau. In six concerts, they combine music with other performative forms of expression, explore historical contexts and creatively play the spaces of the huge Renaissance fortress.

Upcoming Concerts

Sun 10.4.2022 / 6 pm

Traditions and Transformations
String Quartet at ZAK Zentrum für Aktuelle Kunst at the Citadel


Photo: Heinrich Holtgreve / Susann Ziegler

Musical works by composers at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries enter into a dialogue with contemporary visual art at the ZAK Centre for Contemporary Art. Similar to the artistic examination of traditional lines of art and the genius loci of the Citadel, the compositions by Rebecca Clarke, Anton Webern and Johanna Müller-Herrmann, among others, mark phases of the transition from Romanticism to Modernism in music history.

At the beginning of the evening, the musicians of the DSO will move through the exhibition 'Fragile Formations' with installation works by Eva Berendes, Heike Gallmeier and Gloria Zein. In the second part of the concert, the exhibition 'Figure. No Figure. X.', an intensive dialogue between the music and the paintings of Anja Billing, Salome Haettenschweiler, A. Paola Neumann and Verena Schirz-Jahn emerges. The central piece and starting point for the overall concept of the evening is the last work by Gabriel Fauré, his String Quartet in E minor – searching, melancholic and existential.

Head of the Department of Culture Dr. Ralf F. Hartmann gives insights into the conception and works of the exhibitions between the concert parts.


Sebastian Breuninger Violin
Elsa Brown Violin
Annemarie Moorcroft Viola
Mischa Meyer Violoncello

Seating is only available in the 2nd concert section.

Sun 1.5.2022 / 5 pm

Promenade Concert in Spring
Meeting point: at the gate of the Citadel


Foto: Susann Ziegler / Raphael Mentzen

Two ensembles of the Deutsches Symphonie-Orchester Berlin are embarking on a journey through various locations in the Citadel to welcome spring with three short concerts. In the Kommandantenhaus, which houses the exhibition on the castle and fortress, we start with a string quartet led by DSO concertmaster Byol Kang. The Divertimento by W.A.Mozart KV 138 opens the afternoon, light but not frivolous light music of the highest standard.

On the mezzanine floor of the Julius Tower, the brass ensemble will fill Berlin's oldest secular building with the sound of sacred music from Venice by Giovanni Gabrieli, among others, before we enjoy the view together.

As a finale, both ensembles will play parts of G.F. Händel's Water Music and lively salon music together in the open air at the harbour.

Museum director Dr Urte Evert will give introductions to the exhibitions and the architecture of the Citadel between the concerts.


Matthias Kühnle Trumpet
Raphael Mentzen Trumpet
Andreás Fejér Trombone
Efe Sivritepe Horn

Byol Kang Violin
Elena Rindler Violin
Andreas Reincke Viola
Sarah Minemoto Violoncello