Berlin Needs Music!

Out of the concert hall and into the neighbourhood – on the second weekend in September, the DSO tours across Berlin and cruises the waters of the metropolis with full sound.

On 9 September, we play in public places all over the city, making street music at its best.

On 10 September you can meet us and our music ship somewhere between Urbanhafen and the East Side Gallery. Follow us through the city or find us at your favourite place by chance. Chamber music for everyone – free of charge and outdoors. 

Venues, schedule, ensembles and programmes will be announced at short notice.


on our tour through the neighborhoods. Tag us on Instagram @dsoberlin and win a small ›Create Your Own‹ subscription. #dsokiezkonzerte

Neighbourhood Concerts 2023

Berlin Needs Music! – ›Tour de la musique‹