Live from 09.04.: #beethoven_rotation digital

Digital sound performance based on the third movement from Ludwig van Beethoven's ›Pastoral symphony‹.

TRIKESTRA, a cooperation of musicians from junge norddeutsche philharmonie, STEGREIF.orchester and the DSO, presents #beethoven_rotation, an interactive 360° video, available on demand from April 9, 7.30pm.

Originally planned as a concert performance at Vollgutlager, the multimedia study of Beethoven's ›Pastoral symphony‹ was transformed into a digital project and is now available an DSO's website and on social media platforms.


Open for innovation


A new project series designated ‘TRIKESTRA’ was kicked off last year, committed to encountering the vibrant, unconventional and lively Berlin scene. The collaboration with the STEGREIF.orchester and the junge norddeutsche philharmonie is intended as a think tank for new concert concepts and new ways to make music accessible.

The initiative comes at the right time: whereas theatres opened up quite some time ago to the innovative potential of independent ensembles, there have been only few points of contact in classical music until now. In cooperation with the ‘Kulturstiftung des Bundes’ (Federal Cultural Foundation), the DSO is embarking on a partnership over several years with two exciting players from Berlin’s independent music scene: The junge norddeutsche philharmonie is a project-based youth orchestra composed of music students that is committed to innovative event formats and searching for “the classical music concepts of the future”. The STEGREIF.orchester plays without a conductor and without sheet music, but full of love for the classical original, which is fearlessly expanded, updated and sensually presented using all available means of improvisation, electronics and choreography.

In the scope of their collaboration, the three partners will bring together the flexibility and radical character of an independent ensemble, the spontaneity and joy of playing of a youth orchestra and the perfection and reach of a professional orchestra in constantly changing constellations. This includes not only joint concerts, but also projects “behind the scenes”, including workshops and coaching sessions with members of the DSO and the development of new ideas and concepts for concerts or for music education.

Those who attended the first sound performance #brahms_rotation in February 2019 already found out how well the collaboration is working: the composer’s Third Symphony embarked for new shores in its encounter with chamber music, jazz and world music in the ‘Theater im Delphi’, which generated enthusiasm even among sceptical traditionalists. The next opportunity will be on 9 April with #beethoven_rotation in the ‘Vollgutlager Berlin’ – right in time for the Beethoven Year 2020 and this time under the artistic direction of the junge norddeutsche philharmonie.

›Trikestra‹ ist a project of STEGREIF.orchester, junge norddeutschen philharmonie and Deutsches Symphonie-Orchester Berlin in cooperation with Kulturstiftung des Bundes.

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