UPDATE: Pre-Concert Talks from 8 May

Our popular pre-concert-talks with Habakuk Traber are back in May: As usual, they will take place before our symphony concerts at 7.10 pm in the South Foyer of the Philharmonie.

Pre-Concert Talk as Podcast (until 30 April)
Pre-Concert Talk with Habakuk Traber
Photo: Peter Adamik

Before the symphony concerts in the Philharmonie, the DSO offers a concert introduction. In 30 minutes, Habakuk Traber, musicologist and author, provides insights into the form and content of the music performed, presents interesting facts about their genesis and reception, and gives listening examples at the piano or on recordings. On special occasions, such as premières and first performances, he sometimes welcomes guests for discussions, such as composers or conductors. [in German]

The introduction begins 50 minutes before each concert and takes place in the South Foyer of the Philharmonie.