Panorama Beethoven

Large events are looming on the horizon: 17 December 2020 marks Ludwig van Beethoven’s 250th birthday. The anniversary will be celebrated by the DSO most notably as a theme: in Max Reger’s Fugue on one of the master’s bagatelles, in Erwin Schulhoff’s orchestral arrangement of the piano rondo ‘Rage Over A Lost Penny’. He also continues to have an effect in dedications such as Jörg Widmann’s concert overture ‘Con brio’ and Johannes Maria Staud’s ‘Maniai’. Beethoven is encircled: by Mozart’s last four symphonies, by Hector Berlioz, by Robert Schumann and Johannes Brahms, both of whom needed several attempts to find the “symphony after Beethoven”. Beethoven himself finally gets a chance to speak with his unsettling ‘Heiligenstadt Testament’, to which Rodion Shchedrin’s composition of the same name and Brett Dean’s ‘Testament’ reacted, as well as with the Great Fugue, the Third Piano Concerto and with chamber music. The DSO programs related to Beethoven are part of the anniversary celebrations BTHVN2020 with kind support of the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media..

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